Trawler Training

We love trawlers!

As so many of us have discovered, the trawler lifestyle is fulfilling, exciting, freeing, challenging, beautiful, serene and, abovtrawler-boatinge all, friendly! Having a comfortable, strong, seaworthy trawler opens up a whole new world of cruising possibilities. Whether you dream of traveling to distant ports in exotic locations, or choose to see the beauties of our own country from the water, trawlers make it possible. The living space they offer easily makes them feel like home. And the other boating people you meet along the way – and often meet over and over again in different ports – make the cruising community a tightly knit group of interesting, helpful people, some of whom become lifelong friends.

We teach on trawlers!

SEA SENSE offers classes on trawlers we cTrawlerharter in great cruising locales, so you can learn what this lifestyle is all about. You can live aboard the boat and cruise to different ports and harbors while you learn boat handling, navigation, channel markers and how to deal with other boat traffic. Practice trip planning, docking and anchoring as part of the experience while visiting lovely towns or enjoying quiet anchorages. Since we love trawlers ourselves, we enjoy sharing our years of experience and knowledge with those of you who are just starting out, or who have realized that there is more to learn.

WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS!trawler-boating-lessons

Our On Your Own Boat classes are private lessons that come to you so you can learn to operate, handle and manage the boat you’re cruising on. You choose the areas of learning you want to concentrate on, such as docking, navigation, anchoring, line handling, or systems management protocols, etc.

After years of teaching on all types and sizes of trawlers, SEA SENSE instructors have become recognized experts in the field. We want to pass along all the knowledge we’ve acquired, to make your cruising easier, safer and much more fun. We invite you to pick our brains and put us to use, as you become enamored with the trawler lifestyle.

For more details, click on PRIVATE INSTRUCTION or call Sea Sense.

We get mail about trawler training …

“Three years ago, we were without any meaningful boating experience when we decided to buy a Selene 36. (Why we thought this was a good idea is another story!!) … We engaged the services of Sea Sense out of St. Petersburg. The week we spent at Chapman’s was great for the theory we learned whereas the time spent with Sea Sense provided hands-on training on our boat. The latter proved absolutely essential. We have now cruised more than 10,000 miles on our boat. If we had to pick only one, it would be Sea Sense. The theory can be learned by reading … however, there is no substitute for the hands-on training on our own boat by instructors with years of boating and teaching experience and incredible patience.”
– Carolyn and Susan