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“Nothing I read in your brochure or newsletter prepared me for what lay ahead. I always have high expectations but my five days with you and Vanessa surpassed anything I had hoped for! It was evident that you and Vanessa love what you are doing.” – Susan

“I took the boat out of the slip and then all the way up to Spencer’s Cove. I took it into the mooring field without any problem and Jim tied it up. I feel so much better being on the boat now. You build confidence in all of us. I know Jim has been impressed. It was a wonderful class and I am telling everyone that even mentions boating about it.” – Barbara

E-Traffic_small“Hi! Just wanted to let you know that we made our first overnight passage this year – Boston to Maine & back! Thank you!” – Sandy

“This note is to express my appreciation for arranging instruction that was exactly what I needed on my powerboat. I feel like a whole new world has opened for me, because I now realize that both the boat and I can do a lot more than we had before – and do it well.”
– Emma

“Thanks for such a wonderful and exciting week. Every day we gained confidence in our skills and you made everything so clear that anything became possible. I can hardly wait to put my new skills into practice.” – Sue

oyob“WHAT FUN … WHAT FUN … WHAT FUN! We can’t thank Capt. Laura enough. The Sea Sense ladies have a spectacular program and you are perfect for the job. The entire experience was beyond words … but you know I’ll wing it. For 6 grand and glorious days, my world stopped and I got to do what I love most. You were incredible … you built such confidence that we may not be dangerous any more! Positive reinforcement and praise was only out-weighed by an unbelievable personality that captivated 4 women day in and day out. You are very good at what you do.” – Leslie

“I had such a great time on the course. I promise that if I get on the water again and don’t humiliate myself, I’ll loudly give credit to Sea Sense. Thanks again for a great week, your patience and all the laughter.” – Connie

“It’s been a super week and I feel like I’ve broken through a few barriers and now can carry on and get out there and do it!” – Bonnie

“This week has been so much fun. You taught us so much! I’m sure I’ll be a lot more comfortable on our boat now – as long as I remember “neutral is my friend”. You’ve been a great teacher!” – Sharon


“I really enjoyed the class & feel like I learned so much! You are a great teacher. Although many people “can” teach … it takes a special gift to make it fun. When we were getting ready to leave the dock to head back home … instead of “waiting” to be told what order to release the lines in – I actually looked at the lines with my own eyes and then TOLD my husband in what order I would be releasing them. I know it may seem like a minor accomplishment but baby steps are good! I feel like I can work on becoming more of a partner on the boat!” – Sandy

“Thanks so much for a great two days. We both learned so much. Carl’s confidence level has really gone up. We feel more comfortable now, to go to some new areas on the Bay. I’m feeling more and more confident going in and out of the slip. Thanks again for the great training and wonderful company!” – Layce and Carl

“Thanks for an excellent training class! You are the best. Just as you said, I hear your direction in my head. “Neutral and coast” is my mantra!” – Karen

“You are the greatest – you never lost your nerve (at least that I could tell), always kept your calm – even when I was not, and talked me through everything so that I could understand and usually react appropriately. I am SO glad that I was able to take advantage of your teaching – just wish I had known about Sea Sense long ago. I probably won’t have to advertise much by wearing my new shirt – Jerry is busy telling everyone he sees just how great the experience was – I can hardly get a word in!!!” – Sue B.

Private Instruction

“Thanks so very much for taking the fear out of boating for me. My husband thanks you too…you are simply the best!” – Linda

E-DSC02270_small“Bill & I truly believe your class really changed our lives – and not just on the boat! It really allowed us to be true “partners” and that transfers from time on the boat to time at home as well. And from a purely practical point of view, having the physically stronger spouse handling lines makes so much sense. Helmsmanship is so much “finesse.” We’re starting to think about chartering in other parts of the world – something we certainly would never had considered before my training.” – Jeanne

“This note is to express my appreciation for arranging instruction that was exactly what I needed on my powerboat. I feel like a whole new world has opened for me, because I now realize that both the boat and I can do a lot more than we had before – and do it well.”
– Emma

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“Captains Patti & Carol are hands-on instructors, which means that the student’s hands will be on the charts, instruments, lines or whatever so that the students better internalize the experiences. What a wonderful way to learn. We thoroughly appreciated the fact that all processes and situations were fully discussed in a calm condition prior to engaging in the actual boat handling maneuvers to be learned. It is much easier to learn when information and common sense are shared prior to being in the middle of a tense situation such as docking, undocking and anchoring. Both Patti and Carol have a patient manner of explaining answers to all types of questions asked by students. What is remarkable is that they remain patient even after the 2nd or 4th time the question is asked and they work hard to think of yet another way to rephrase their answers so that the light will finally go ON in the student’s head.”
– Ann & Bill with Blizzard


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