We get mail about our live-aboard courses …

A little free publicity for Sea Sense Boating … I spent Sunday through Friday with Capt Carol Cuddyer and Capt. Jill McCarthy as instructors, and Diana as my fellow student, on a 42′ Californian power yacht.  I came away with a new confidence in my ability to drive, dock and anchor a boat.  I can read a chart, plot a course.  I know the Rules of the Road, I can navigate through crab pots, various markers, and how to use the radio.  Of course, I have much to learn yet but I’m ready to partner with my husband in life aboard a boat!  I highly recommend this company – owned by and operated by women, both licensed captains, extremely knowledgeable and very patient.  Carol owns the company with Patti and they have been doing the teaching, moving boats all over (including in other parts of the world), readying folks for handling their own boats for well over 20 years.  Love them, love what they do!   Gena


Just finished an article is Soundings magazine’s August 2016 issue (  It was written by Daniel S. Parrott, about a trip to Ireland with the cadets on the Coast Guard’s tall ship Eagle.  The article was great but there was one paragraph that really stood out.  What he wrote has been proven to be right over and over again, and it applies to sailing and powerboating.  He said “Anyone who has spent time in this environment knows that a [boat…] is arguably the greatest vehicle the world has ever known for transmitting lessons in leadership, teamwork, cooperation, coordination, communication and the importance of doing something right, exactly right.  You can fool the world in some disciplines, but the sea will slap you silly the moment you get complacent or try to bluff what you don’t know.”

Part of what SEA SENSE been passing along for 27 years now.  And it applies to more than boats!





On this Memorial Day, we remember all the men and women who have served our country and are serving now across the globe.  Let’s honor them with the proper placement of our national flag on our boats.

Rule for Power Boats:  Flown from a staff on the stern.  One inch of length (the fly) for every foot of boat length.

Rule for Sail Boats:  Flown from a staff on the stern or from the backstay.  Same sizing as power boats.