Navigation Seminars

Classroom and On-Board

Navigation_PictureKnowing how to read your charts is a fundamental skill in safe boating. Charts provide the information we need to pilot our boats safely. They are the basis for all electronic navigation equipment as well.

This 2-day seminar will teach you all the things a chart can tell you, what all the numbers, symbols and colors mean, and how to relate what you see on a chart to what you actually see in real life when under way. The first day is in the classroom working with the charts, learning all the navigation aids and plotting compass courses. The second day is on the boat, actually steering the courses you have plotted and identifying markers, buoys and landmarks along the way.

This course is vital in achieving your goal of being a confident and competent boater, because knowing where you are is an integral part of feeling secure!
Not a live-aboard course.

Basic Navigation Seminars
Classroom and On-Board. Knowing where you are makes you feel comfortable. This course is indispensable!