onwaterQ. Why go to a sailing or powerboating school?

A. Contrary to what some would have us believe, no one is born knowing about boats. Boating is learned, and you can learn from professionals who have been teaching these skills for years. Many of us learned as adults and we are well prepared to pass these lessons along to you.

No one blinks at taking golf or tennis lessons from pros. The difference between golf and boating is the element of personal safety involved. Learning from professionals gives you a feeling of security on the water. As you increase your proficiency, your confidence will soar. We help you overcome boating anxieties (don’t worry, you’re not alone in having them!). Learning the “why” of what you’re doing as well as the “how to” gives a more complete understanding of boating.

Q. Why Women-only courses?

A. There is a comfortable feeling learning with your peers. You’ll enjoy being with a group of women who are in the same situation, with the same questions that you may have. With no men aboard to politely “do” for you, you learn all the things you are capable of. SEA SENSE will teach you all aspects of boating, from the helm to the deck to the engine room to the chart table.

Q. Does Sea Sense teach men?oyob

A. Of course we do, with pleasure.

Q. Will Sea Sense put one guy on a women’s live-aboard class?

A. Sorry, fellas – we won’t do it.

Q. Will students learn safety, equipment and procedures, rules of the road, man-overboard recovery?

A. Definitely. Safety is a large part of what we’re about. Feeling safe and knowledgeable makes boating a million times more enjoyable.

faqsunsetQ. What is “live-aboard”?

A. On a “live aboard” course, the boat is our home as well as our movable classroom. We try to spend each night in a different harbor or marina. Dinners are often ashore as everyone is eager to try the local cuisine. All participate in the hands-on learning as well as boat chores. Cabins are usually double occupancy, and most of our boats have 2 heads (bathrooms) and 2 showers.

Q. What about certification?

A. SEA SENSE sends a Certificate of Completion showing where the course was taught, for how many days and the size and type of the boat. This certificate is recognized by the marine industry including insurance and charter companies. Our courses are conducted totally on-board and we emphasize actual boat-handling experience over classroom time.

Please call us with any questions we haven’t answered!