Docking Courses

Docking is the number one aspect of boating that causes knees to knock, palms to sweat and hearts to pound with unnecessary anxiety.Docking-Class

SEA SENSE will help “demystify” docking and close quarters maneuvering, arguably the scariest part of boating! All of our On Demand and On Your Own Boat courses include as much docking time as you want and need. Let us teach you the skills necessary to bring a boat into a slip to tie up alongside a dock with new found self-confidence. Our instructors are experts in the art of explaining and teaching docking in a calm and encouraging manner.


We get mail about our docking courses …

“Thanks to each of you for your patience with a girl from Missouri. The world has opened up a little wider over the past week. We’re in for a fun ride! Happy and soft dockings for each of you.”   – Nancy