We get mail about our live-aboard courses …

A little free publicity for Sea Sense Boating … I spent Sunday through Friday with Capt Carol Cuddyer and Capt. Jill McCarthy as instructors, and Diana as my fellow student, on a 42′ Californian power yacht.  I came away with a new confidence in my ability to drive, dock and anchor a boat.  I can read a chart, plot a course.  I know the Rules of the Road, I can navigate through crab pots, various markers, and how to use the radio.  Of course, I have much to learn yet but I’m ready to partner with my husband in life aboard a boat!  I highly recommend this company – owned by and operated by women, both licensed captains, extremely knowledgeable and very patient.  Carol owns the company with Patti and they have been doing the teaching, moving boats all over (including in other parts of the world), readying folks for handling their own boats for well over 20 years.  Love them, love what they do!   Gena










Do you see a re-positioning trip for your boat in your future?  Call SEA SENSE about a Teaching Delivery, where you learn as you go!

Recently, SEA SENSE was contacted to do a Teaching Delivery from St. Charles, MO to St. Petersburg, FL.  The couple who called had just purchased a 50+ foot powerboat and wanted to bring it to warmer waters for winter cruising.  As they were former sailors, this boat would be a totally new experience.  They wanted to learn about their boat and have instructors who were familiar with their type of boat and with the journey to Florida, a route the instructors had done many times.

The trip started on the Mississippi River heading downstream near St. Louis, the western side of the Great Loop. It would be a journey filled with many first-time experiences for them!  The teaching delivery would include the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, The Tennessee River, the Tennessee-Tombigby Waterway, Intracoastal Waterway and an offshore crossing of the Gulf of Mexico to arrive at Tampa Bay.  In addition, there would be tugs and barges (called “tows” on the river) to deal with, huge locks including some of the largest in the U.S., strong currents, and many shallow areas.  They learned so much from this voyage and we are sure that they will be successful in all their future cruising.

When we start a SEA SENSE Teaching Delivery, one of our philosophies is that we prepare as much as is humanly possible, but we know that the boat has a plan that it is keeping to itself and Mother Nature has a plan that she’s not talking about either!  So we have our charts and cruising guides, we’ve checked out the boat, we have our plan for the days ahead, we’ve checked on the weather and we deal with surprises along the way.

SEA SENSE has done Teaching Deliveries as short as two or three days and as long as several months.

Thinking about moving your boat?  Give us a call or email!IMG_6454